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Increasing emotional well-being, improving relationships, and achieving individual goals are the heart of Glastonbury Place.


At Glastonbury Place, we strive to provide a personalized experience that helps people discover the best parts of themselves, cultivate their self-confidence and ultimately find true fulfillment. We look beyond the surface level to build meaningful connections that help individuals break through barriers and reach new heights.


Couples & Families


There will never be enough words on this earth to say how I appreciate you! THANK YOU! You were truly a blessing! You taught her how to cope, believe in herself to never give up and so much more. Thank you so much Amy!

Client’s Mother

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Amy Gillette

Amy has been a licensed counselor since 2009 and working in the mental health field since 2000.  She has been described as warm, kind, and welcoming. Her clients are grateful for her guidance in building self-esteem and confidence, increasing personal awareness and health habits, and developing skills to manage stressors and symptoms.

Julia Malone

Are you ready to begin working on yourself? Life has many difficult moments that can stop us from personal growth or losing our sense of self.  By using a client-centered and strength-based approach, Julia helps clients recognize their potential.  She believes challenge and empowerment are key components of development while using a direct approach.  Together, you can begin working on facing life’s challenges and moving forward.

Why “Glastonbury Place”

Glastonbury, England, with its myths, legends and ley lines has become a center for New Age culture and spiritual healing.  

It is believed that the Earth has energy lines that run around it and the heart energy is in Glastonbury

Pilgrims in need of spiritual growth and personal healing have been drawn there.  It is this healing, grounding energy we wanted to encapture and emulate in our practice and inspired our name and logo.

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